For the last couple of months, I have been working with Jim on the first Amazon course, the Proven Amazon Course-I, Cashing in on Amazon FBA. We launched the course on March 7th 2011.  Within a few weeks we had signed up over 300 members.  And, even though we offer a no-questions-asked refund policy –our refunds were far less than 1%.  that is phenomenal for any internet training product.  The Reason: People love the course because it works.  One reader wrote a post on the forum that he sold over 122 items in his first 30 days on Amazon using our system and made an average profit of $14 per item.  And she is just getting started!

Amazon is beating the pants off of eBay!

Pay attention eBay sellers. If you aren’t including as part of your business model you’re probably missing out on about 60% of the business you could be having.

For the past several months Jim and I have been seeking out and working with the most successful FBA users and together we’ve put together an amazing course that will show you how so many of us are taking advantage of the tens of millions of customers that are swarming every day.

eBay is now trying to play catch-up with Amazon. eBay only recently started putting a plan in place to try to compete with Amazon’s FBA service. You can get in ahead of the curve.

Here is a short list of just some of the folks who contributed to this course:

  • Chris Green: A FBA pro and our primary FBA coach
  • Jim Cockrum: Founder
  • Julie Anna Schultz: Her family has been using FBA for a long time successfully
  • Nathan Holmquist: An MST pro and FBA expert
  • Skip McGrath: An icon of online selling success
  • Stephanie Inge: Founder of Dallas eBay User Group and FBA user
  • Steve Lindhorst: Long time Amazon pro and FBA user
  • Suzanne Wells: A coach and creative online seller
  • Bob Willey: An FBA leader and 3-year veteran

Every one of these experts not only understands how Amazon’s FBA works, they are all using it to make money today. That includes me. While I was at the trade show in Las Vegas, I sold 4 items on Amazon and Amazon did all the work. They collected the money, packed up the item and shipped it for me. All I have to do is wait for Amazon to deposit the money into my bank account.

Learn How To Sell on Amazon

That is why we call these courses “Proven.” Every single thing you will learn has been tried and “proven” to work. There is no theory here -just step-by-simple-step instructions that show you:

  • Where to find virtually unlimited sources of inventory
  • How to easily ship your inventory in bulk at dirt cheap prices directly to Amazon’s warehouse
  • How to price your inventory higher than your competition while still outselling them easily
  • How to automate the entire process so that you only check your sales reports
  • How to run your business from anywhere.

Here is what you get:

  1. FBA Course Audio Interview (and full transcript) with Jim Cockrum, Suzanne Wells, and Skip McGrath
  2. 7 Course Videos
  3. eBook: Amazon 90-Day Experiment
  4. Report: A Craigslist Ad for Books that works instantly
  5. Report: Tips for Cleaning Used Books
  6. Report: Using Scanners to save time and increase profits
  7. FBA Interview 2: Skip McGrath and Stephanie Inge
  8. Report: Selling on Amazon’s FBA Program
  9. Report: Understanding the Amazon Customer
  10. Report: How To Make Good Money Selling Used Books
  11. Two-month trial of FBAPower and FBAScout to automate your business
  12. Expert-monitored discussion forum area
  13. MUCH more being added

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