Skip’s Consumer Protection Review

Have you ever been scammed by worthless internet business or home business opportunity programs?

I started Consumer Protection Review to review and rate internet and eBay business programs.

Who are you?

My name is Skip McGrath. I am a very successful eBay PowerSeller and internet entrepreneur. I own four different internet businesses.

I am so tired of seeing innocent people scammed by all of the so-called money-making programs, I decided to set up this web site to review programs and try to steer people towards the better programs in each category.

I review dozens of programs in several categories before making a recommendation. In some categories you will see that I could not recommend any program –usually because all of them are either scams or just don’t work for the average person.

What kind of programs do you rate?

First of all, by “program” I mean any eBook, web site membership or internet business program that claims you can make money on the internet working from home. There are many legitimate money-making programs available, but this is a field that is crowded with everything from poorly-performing programs to outright frauds and scams.

I evaluate programs based on four criteria:<

  1. Legitimacy – Is the business legitimate and what is the reputation of the vendor selling the program?I look at how long the company has been around, what other businesses or offers they are involved with, their Better Business rating and I search blogs and posts for both negative and positive comments.
  2. Ease of use – Is the program simple and does  the vendor provide an adequate level of support?  Is this a program that anyone with basic web skills can do, or does it require special experience and/or skills.
  3. Automation – Does the business run itself once it is set up or does it require a lot of manual activities
  4. Income Potential – Does The program actually make money?  Are there other people currently making money on the internet with the program?

Can I really make money on the Internet?

The simple answer is yes –but. There is always a “but” when it comes to any money-making venture –on, or off of the internet.

Like anything you do in life, it takes a combination of knowledge and hard work to succeed and panning in the internet gold mine is no different.

Beware of any internet business opportunity that promises quick riches with no, or very little work. There are plenty of honest opportunities to make money on the internet, but they all take a combination of work, patience, research, experimentation and a little investment.

Just a few years ago you could launch a web site and with a few simple tricks you could get your site noticed by the search engines and start getting natural traffic within a few weeks. Today this is much harder.

You can get noticed and get traffic within a few weeks. However, it is not unusual to take up to six months to get your web site in top positions with the major search engines.

This brings us to the next element of success: Money. In addition to the cost to sign up for a program, setting up a web site and so on, you need some capital for advertising and driving traffic to your web site. New web site business owners have to spend money on pay-per-click advertising, opt-in email programs and other methods of driving traffic to your web site. This shouldn’t cost thousands of dollars. When I start a new web site I usually invest a few hundred dollars in promotion over the first few months –but you can’t do it for free and anyone who wants to sell you an internet program and tells you they can drive tons of traffic to your site is lying.

So many times we see people spend several hundred dollars on a program, read the material, set up the web site or whatever and then refuse to spend any more money to promote it. Before you invest in ANY program, be sure and determine how much money you will need to promote it and make sure you are willing to make the investment before proceeding –otherwise you should just give the money to your favorite charity as it will be better spent.

So take a look at our program reviews. Just click on the link for the type of program that interests you.

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